About Us

For nearly 30 years, patients from our region (and beyond) have come to Respiratory Care + Sleep Medicine (RCSM) for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of respiratory and sleep issues, ranging from bronchitis to emphysema and insomnia to sleep apnea.

When you choose RCSM, you’ll experience what other patients and referring physicians have come to expect from us as the regional leader in respiratory and sleep medicine:

  • Physicians and nurse practitioners who provide best-in-class care using state-of-the-art technology. RCSM has a sterling reputation with other medical providers, exemplified by our affiliation with the Baptist Health network.
  • A compassionate, patient-first approach that begins with a basic concept – listening to what you have to say. We’ll hear you and address your questions, issues and needs. You’ll never feel rushed, uninformed or “out-of-the-loop.”
  • A truly collaborative process. You won’t just get “a doctor” – you’ll get the whole team. And you’ll be part of that team, developing seamless relationships with the physicians and nurse practitioners conferring on your diagnosis and treatment.

Learn more about our medical staff at the Our Team page, and what we treat at the Our Focus page. For your convenience, RCSM has three locations: Baptist Downtown, Baptist South and Baptist Beaches. For more information or to schedule an appointment, go to Contact Us.