In order to respond to the COVID-19 National Health Emergency, RCSM is making changes to the way we serve our patients and our community. RCSM will continue to serve patients at our office.

We will also be conducting upcoming office visits via telemedicine from the comfort of patients’ homes. If you are a non-critical patient and have an upcoming appointment with RCCSMA you can switch to a telemedicine visit. Telemedicine appointments will occur via FaceTime or another audio/video service. Our clinical team will consult with you, discuss your needs and even prescribe medicines without an in-person visit.

Medicare and all other major insurance companies have expanded telemedicine regulations. In most cases, depending on your insurer’s guidelines, there will be little or no cost to you.

For patients who have limited internet access or video streaming capabilities, we will work with you on ways to access FaceTime or Skype through a family member’s or friend’s device.

Following national and state guidelines, we are limiting in-person visits to all our offices in order to protect our patients, visitors and our team. Please know that RCSM will continue to treat patients with urgent/emergent needs, prioritizing care that, if delayed, could negatively affect the patient’s health outcome.

Like many of you, we have been following the developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19) very closely. Because COVID-19 can affect the respiratory tract and cause pneumonia and acute respiratory disease, our doctors will be on the frontlines in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) helping patients fight COVID-19. As we prepare for an influx of patients, we ask for your patience and understanding during this uncertain time.

We are here for you during this challenging situation, and we will be actively monitoring any COVID-19 developments.